Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Science Teachers’ Game-STG

Science Teachers’ Game –STG is an innovative platform that is software and technology driven, where science teachers and students across public and private secondary schools in Nigeria are connected, engaged and allowed to showcase their science experiments and academic skills.

2. What is the scope of the Game

Science Teachers’ Game takes science teachers and students through their normal academic syllabuses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as covered by WAEC, NECO and Ministry of Education. The Game makes it easier , fun and entertaining for teachers to seamlessly cover their expected workload in due time, while also enjoying the Game.

3. What is the importance of the Game

The Science Teachers’ Game is designed to make the teaching and learning of sciences easier, fun and entertaining. The Game puts more money into the pockets of teachers and motivates these teachers to engage the students with greater passion in the course of teaching and learning.

4. How does the Game support STEM in Nigeria

STEM means, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is the bedrock for economic and technological advancements of any nation. STG programs and initiatives supports the fundamentals of STEM. Young teachers and students across secondary schools in Nigeria are motivated to take up STEM careers through the Science Teachers’ Game.

5. Who are qualified to play the game.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics teachers and their students in SS1, SS2, and SS3 are qualified to participate in the Science Teachers’ Game.

6. Do I need to pay money to register and play the Science Teachers’ Game

No, registration and participation is Free for all science teachers and students.

7. Do I need the consent of my school principal, school head, school management and parents

before registration for STG Yes, science teachers should inform their school Principals/Heads, and parents to the students before registration to play and participate in the Science Teachers’ Game.

8. Why are school Principals and Heads very important to the Science Teachers’ Game

School Principals and Heads are very important to STG, because they help to provide good working conditions for both the teachers and students. If they are aware of the game, and they show interests in it, the work of the teachers and students become easy and their participation become more effective and result oriented.

9. Why do I need my students’ parents’ before registration

Parents are very important to STG , because parents’ phone numbers and emails of parents are linked to the STG portal, the students can only start playing the Game when their Daddy’s and Mumys’ phone numbers and emails are added to the teachers’ dashboard. This process makes the Science Teachers’ Game more interesting . The students , teachers , parents, and senior siblings of the students , are all connected to STG

10. How do I register

Get your email ID ready, which should serve as your Username, choose the Password you plan to use, go to , look at the top right side, click on Register, fill the Form and Submit, you are registered.

11. After Registration, what next

Go to , look at the top right side, click on Login, type in your Username and Password, and click on Login, to view your Dashboard.

12. What if, I have forgotten my Password

Go to , click on Login, type in your Username, which is your email ID, click on Login, a password reset link would be sent to your email. Go to your email, and reset your password.

13. What if, I have forgotten my Username

Normally, you should not forget your Username, because your Username is the same as your email ID. But in case you can’t remember which email ID that you used in registering, call 08101505303 or send an email to, you will be assisted in identifying the correct email ID.

14. When I Login into my dashboard for the first time, what next do I do

Read all the instructions showing on your Dashboard, so that you understand how the STG portal works. Without reading these instructions, it would be difficult for you to proceed to the next stage on the portal.

15. After reading the instructions on my dashboard, what next

Click on your name showing at the top right side of your dashboard, click on Profile, and upload your photo and update other information as requested in the profile page.

16. After updating my profile, what next

Click on the Student menu showing at the top left side of your dashboard, select any class of SS1, SS2 or SS3, read very well, the detailed instructions on How to Register Students. Without reading these instructions and understanding them very well, it will be difficult for you to proceed, because you need to add your students before you can play the Game.

17. My students live in the dormitory and are not allowed to use phone and emails, how would they be registered

The essence of phone and email is for the student to receive his or her Username and Password, and for the student to receive alerts when science practicals are carried out and certain activities are expected of the students, that is all. The teacher who wishes to participate on STG would first need to get approval from his or her school Principal or Head. Once this approval is gotten and the school Principal or Head is interested in allowing the students participate in the Game, the enabling environment would be provided by the school management for effective participation of both teachers and students. Teachers should use the phone numbers and emails of students’ parents to register such students who live in the dormitory. These parents will receive the respective students’ Usernames and Passwords sent their phones and emails, and parents should forward same back to the students. Students would now write down their Usernames and Password on a jotter, and make use of them when the need arises.

18. Still, students that live in the dormitory do not have access to internet, how would they play the Game.

Because the school Principal or Head is aware of the Game and has approved it, he or she would provide internet access purposefully for this Game.

19. My students are day-students, they come from poor homes and do not have phones and emails

Students that come from home, should provide the phone numbers and email addresses of their parents, or senior sisters and brothers , whom they are close to, so that at any moment, a phone or email alert comes, these people will inform the students.

20. My students live in remote areas and do not have internet access

Teachers with the support of their school Principals and Heads, can arrange internet access within the school, so that students can have access to perform activities once the science practicals are approved.

21. After successfully registering my students, what next

The next is to plan the science experiments that you would like to perform with your students. Go to Schedule Practical menu on the left side of your Dashboard, click on it. Take a small time to read the detail instructions on How It Works. Then Schedule your practical, at least 2 days (48 hours) before the Start date. That is, if you are making the schedule on a Monday for instance, you MUST choose to carry out the Practical the following Wednesday or more days ahead.

22. How do I know when I have completed making the Practical Schedule

When you start making the Practical Schedule, it has 4 steps, please follow the steps until you get to Finish.

23. I have Scheduled the Practical, but I am seeing Continue Schedule, what is this

When you think that you have scheduled the practical, but you click on the Schedule Practical menu and see Continue Schedule, this means that you have not completed the schedule. Click on the Continue Schedule and follow the few steps ahead, to complete the schedule.

24. Can I schedule more than one practical per class per time

Yes, a teacher can schedule as many practicals as his or her workload permits. If the teacher is engaging all the classes of SS1, SS2 and SS3, he or she can schedule all the practicals per class, per academic term or per week, or per month.

25. After making the Practical Schedule, what next

Two days after, Click on the START button on the Practical that you have scheduled, and view the Practical Worksheet or click here to view the screen shoot of the Practical Worksheet. Here you will see how the Practical or experiment that you plan to carry out would be reported on STG. Once you are aware of this reporting procedures, you can now go ahead and carry out the practical.

26. During the experiment in the school science laboratory, what am I expected to do

Get your Smart phone ready, so that you can take videos of the students while performing the experiment. You can also use your laptop video features to take the videos. Set up your experiment, carry it out with the students, take your videos. You can Login to your dashboard, and fill and upload your videos immediately after the experiment, or at a later time, when you are less busy.

27. How long will the video be shoot

Not too long a video! A 1 or 2 minutes video showing the students performing practical is fine

28. After performing the practical, what next

Go to your dashboard, click on Schedule Practical, click on START, fill your Practical Worksheet, upload your videos and Upload or Submit your practical

29. How do I upload my videos on the STG portal

Go to your dashboard, click on Schedule Practical, click on START, view the Practical Worksheet, look at the left side and see instructions on how to upload your videos on the STG portal.

30. After uploading or submitting the practical on STG, what next

When you upload or submit your practical to the STG portal, you will wait for a while (within 24 hours) , the STG Expert Teacher, would look at your practical and appraise the work done. If the practical is of required STG standard, the practical is graded and Teacher Basic Points are awarded. But if the practical is defective, especially if the video is not showing, the STG Expert Teacher rejects the practical.

31. If my submitted practical is rejected by STG Expert Teacher, what next

If the practical is rejected, you will get an sms alert on your phone and a message on your email, notifying you of the rejection. When you visit your dashboard, you will see reasons why the practical was rejected. You may make corrections, depending on the reasons given for rejection, and re-upload the same practical for a second time.

32. If I make corrections on the rejected practical, how do I re-upload or re-submit it on STG

You will need to re-schedule the practical a second time. Go to Schedule Practical, and schedule it , just as if you are making that schedule for the first time. After two days (48 hours) , re-upload the practical.

33. If my submitted practical is accepted by STG Expert Teacher, what next

If your submitted practical is accepted and approved, you will get an sms alert on your phone, and message on your email, notifying you about the approval and displaying your Teacher Basic Points awarded to you by STG Expert Teacher. All the students who attended the practical class will also be notified through Sms to their phones and emails ( parents, sisters or brothers’ phone and emails as provided ) and they will be directed to go to their respective dashboards and perform two main functions, namely; Answer Test Questions related to the practical topic and Respond to Questionnaires related to their teachers’ behavioral and academic skills. The students have 24 hours from the time the practical is approved, to respond to these Test Questions and Questionnaires. After the 24 hours, the students are time out

34. How long does the Test Questions and Questionnaires stay on the students’ dashboard

From the time the practical is approved and sms and messages sent out to both teachers and students, the students have 24 hours to visit their dashboards and respond to test questions and questionnaires. After 24 hours, both test questions are questionnaires would no longer be available on the students’ dashboards.

35. How long does it take the students to answer test questions and respond to questionnaires

Once the student signs in to answer the test questions, and once he or she starts, he or she has only 2 minutes to answer 10 Objective Questions related to the practical topic that is approved. The student can not respond to the Questionnaires until he has finished responding to the Test Questions. And he also has 2 minutes to respond to Questionnaires. (a)

36. Teachers should coach the students on how to use the Students Dashboards

New teachers on the STG portal, should master their dashboards very well, and also coach their students on how to use the students’ dashboards effectively. A teacher should talk to a student and make the student Login to his or her dashboard, so that collectively, all the students with the assistance of their teacher would study and learn how to make effective use of their respective dashboards.

37. The Students’ Dashboard is important to the student in 3 ways, namely

(a) The student goes to his or her dashboard to view, and watch the experiment videos of the practicals performed
(b) The student goes to his or her dashboard to take a second look at the entire experiment, refreshes his or her minds on the step-by- step procedures, observations, precautions, safety measures, and Teacher’s Notes.
(c) The student goes to his or her dashboard, when any practical is approved, and there could became an immediate need for the student to answer test questions and as well as respond to questionnaires relating to his or her teacher’s skills and efforts.

38. What is Teacher Basic Point.

Teacher Basic Points (TBPs) are scores awarded to and received by a teacher when the practical he or she submitted to STG portal is approved by the STG Expert Teacher, plus scores awarded to and received by the teacher when his students answer Test Questions and respond to Questionnaires. Teachers’ Re-training Test Questions-RTQ also make contributions to the Teacher Basic Points.

39. What are the Teacher Basic Points used for

These points are used to determine high performing teachers. The points are used to determine the monthly Best Science Subject Teachers, that is Best Biology Teacher, Best Chemistry Teacher and Best Physics Teacher per month. The points are also used to shortlist teachers who will participate in the STG Reality Television Show at the end of each academic season.

40. How does a teacher get more Teacher Basic Points

A teacher gets more Teacher Basic Points, if he does the following; (a) If he or she presents in details, the step-by- step procedures of setting up the experiment.
(b) If he or she observes and gives details of the precautions and safety measures undertaken during the experiment
(c) If he or she maintains a high Student-Apparatus ratio. The teacher can achieve this by ensuring as much as he or she can, that the students are assigned materials and apparatus on individual basis, or in groups of 2, 3 or 4 students per experiment set-up.
(d) If he or she presents a sound Teacher’s Note about the practical.
(e) If he or she takes clear videos of the experiment, showing the students actively engaging in the practical, and showing clearly, the number of students doing the practical, and the faces of the students.
(f) If he or she provides enabling environment that makes more of his or her students to undertake relevant activities on their students’ dashboard, each time a new practical is approved.
(g) If he or she schedules and performs more practicals with the students across all the classes of SS1, SS2 and SS3.
(h) If he or she participates actively on the monthly Teacher Re-training Tests Questions -RTQ

41. What are Student Basic Points .

Student Basic Points (SBPs) are scores awarded to and received by a student, when the student answers Test Questions displayed on his dashboard.

42. What are the points used for

These points are used to determine high performing students. The points are used to determine the monthly Best Science Subject Students, that is Best Biology Students, Best Chemistry Students and Best Physics Students per month. The points are also used to shortlist students who will participate in the STG Reality Television Show at the end of each academic season.

43. How does the student get more Student Basic Points

The student gets more Student Basic Points if he does the following;
(a) If he or she listens and participates actively during the science practical class
(b) If he or she attends all the practical classes without missing anyone of them
(c) If he or she studies hard, reviews the practical details posted to his or her dashboard, before the practical is approved, so that he or she would be able to answer test questions relating to the practical.
(d) If he or she is fast enough in answering the test questions correctly, because the student has only 2 minutes to answer 10 questions.
(e) If he or she participates actively in the weekly and monthly online STG quiz and other associated Games.

44. So, I will receive points and payment for every practical that I submit to STG

All teachers who participate in STG would receive and accumulate Teacher Basic Points. But receiving money for every practical submitted to the portal is optional. Teachers who wish to receive money for every practical they submit to STG, would be required to fulfill a set of conditions. So, you may play the Game for fun, and for enriching your teaching and learning skills in the sciences and enhancing your image and the image of your school on the several media platforms used by STG. But, if you need to make money from this portal, you would need to fulfill a set of easy conditions.

45. What are the conditions that qualify a teacher to earn money while playing the Game.

A teacher that wants to earn money on this portal should be willing to promote the products and services of STG sponsors. These sponsors are Fidelity Bank, MrLabss, Konga, Systemtech and IVM.

46. What products and services are these sponsors offering

The sponsors offer the following products and services;
(a) Fidelity Bank, offers banking services to both teachers and school managers, so teachers are required to open Savings Accounts with the bank. The bank also offers Edu-loan services to school owners who require funding to build, renovate and upgrade their school facilities, including science laboratories.
(b) MrLabss sells and supplies science equipment, tools, instruments, glass wares, reagents and chemicals, apparatus, plastic wares, charts, models, prepared slides. Teachers are encouraged to advise their school Principals, Heads and school management to always buy from and patronize Laboratory Supplies & Solutions Ltd (MrLabss) whenever there is need to buy new materials for the science experiments.
(c) Teachers are also required to refer at least 10 new teachers to go register and participate in the Science Teachers’ Game.
(d) Teachers that wish to earn money from STG, MUST follow Scienceteachersgame on all social media handles
(e) Teachers from schools whose PTAs and or Old Students Associations sponsor to participate in the Science Teachers’ Game , by making bulk purchases of science materials from MrLabss are entitled to receive and earn money and from STG.
(f) All teachers on the STG portal Must fill, respond and submit the SGT Google Survey Form.

47. Why should a teacher open a new Savings Account with Fidelity Bank, since he or she already has an account with another bank

Fidelity Bank is the official bank to STG, all teachers who wish to earn money playing this Game, will receive their payments through their Fidelity Bank Savings Accounts.

48. Why should I refer my school or any other school to buy science materials from MrLabss, since such schools already have suppliers that they buy from.

MrLabss is the promoter of the Science Teachers’ Game. The company is adding great value to the teaching and learning of the sciences and the motivation and empowerment of science teachers and students across Nigeria. The company sells and distributes best quality science materials and products at unimaginable low prices. If any school buys from MrLabss, the first time, the school will keep buying from MrLabss and would continue to even refer other schools to buy from MrLabss. Whatever products and at whatever prices you get any products within your communities, MrLabss would offer you better quality products and at lower prices.

49. Why should my school buy new products since we already have all the materials required in the school science laboratory.

Over 1,864 variety of products are required for the study of sciences, and as such no school in Nigeria could comfortably claim to have acquired all the needed materials. And even if your school have much of these products, there may still be need for your school to source and buy certain materials that maybe listed by WAEC and NECO during SS3 final year science practical examinations . Some of the products are breakables or may have worn out, and would surely need replacement. If teachers strive to conduct real science practicals across all subject topics, and avoid theory of practicals or alternative to practicals, school managers would begin to realize that their school science laboratories do not actually have sufficient materials and in the right quantities to take teachers and students through these practical sections.

50. As a science teacher, is it compulsory that I must register and participate in STG

It is not compulsory that every science teacher should register and participate in STG, but it is very important that every teachers participates actively, because the STG model makes the teaching and learning of science more fun, interesting and engaging than ever before.

51. What benefits do I get participating in STG

The benefits teachers get from participating in STG are many, namely
(a) Teachers and students get appreciated by the viewing public who check online and on televisions to see outstanding teachers
(b) The STG Model allows teachers to be adequately guided and re-trained at no cost to both the teachers and their employer schools. Teachers are supervised online while having fun engaging with their students.
(c) Teachers have the opportunity to earn extra monies on the STG portal while also having a good time with their students.
(d) Teaching becomes more competitive than ever before, as school owners and managers begin to appreciate the efforts and skills of their teachers
(e) Teachers begin to surface as TV Stars and celebrities, as their works, efforts and skills are highlighted on the several media platforms, including television, social media, newspapers and radios.
(f) Teachers on the STG platform are better motivated, earn more money and live an improved family style.
(g) Teachers efforts are now measurable both qualitatively and quantitatively, and as such, more performing teachers are better rewarded and appreciated.

52. Is it true that I can earn money by participating n STG

Yes, teachers on the STG portal have the option of earning extra monies if they are willing to go extra miles, by fulfilling a few conditions.

53. How much money can I earn on STG

There is no limit to the amount of money a teacher can earn on the STG portal. Several business structures are enhanced by the STG Model, and these structures support teachers to earn as much money as they work for.

54. How do teachers receive their payments

Teachers who earn monies on the STG portal, receive their payments through their Savings Accounts with Fidelity Bank.

55. How long does it take for teachers to receive their payments

Teachers who earn monies and fulfill a few conditions attached to receiving payments, would receive their payments within 24 hours after those conditions are fulfilled.

56. Who are the sponsors of STG and why are they sponsoring the Game

Science Teachers’ Game is sponsored by Fidelity Bank, MrLabss, Konga, Systemtech and IVM. These companies sponsor STG because they are worried about the current state of science education in Nigeria and the low morale of teachers in impacting science knowledge on the younger generation of the Nigerian youths. By sponsoring STG, these companies are making the teaching and learning of sciences such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics more fun and rewarding than ever before.

57. Must I buy and make use of products and services of STG sponsors while playing the Game

Teachers on the STG portal and their students and school managers are encouraged to patronize and help promote the products and services of STG sponsors. By doing this, the sponsors are spurred to do more, to ensure that STG is sustained until it becomes fully part of the teachers’ daily lives and engagements.

58. What challenges may I likely encounter using the STG portal

Using the portal, both teachers and students may encounter below challenges:
(b) Internet Connection, poor or slow internet connect would affect the otherwise smooth operations of the portal
(c) The browser type may also affect the loading of the portal pages, therefore Chrome browser is recommended for a better and smoother browsing experience.
(d) Use of Android phones is fine, but laptops and desktops with good and fast internet connection are more comfortable and give better browsing experience.
(e) Not being able to read through all the necessary instructions and follow the steps as specified in the instructions would hinder the ability of teachers and students to effectively make use of the portal.

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