Experiment of the Week:Kinetic Theory of Gases and Gas Laws : Demonstration of Charle's Law By Simeon Okwo, Chemistry Teacher, Mayflower School Ikenne, Ogun State

This experiment demonstrates Charle's law which states that the volume of a fixed mass of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature provided pressure is kept constant. 
The balloon is seen inflating or deflating as the temperature is varied. Placing the bottle in ice lowers the temperature of air (a gas) in it. When balloon is placed on the bottle and the bottle is placed in warm water the temptemperature of the gas is increased. Since volume is directly proportional to temperature the volume increases with rise in temperature. Since the size of the bottle was constant the expanding air fills the balloon making it to expand.

When the bottle is placed in ice again the decreasing temperature causes the volume drop. Hence the deflation of balloon

Thursday, Mar 08



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Guest 10 months ago

Guest 10 months ago
It' s a beautiful experimental clip

Feyisayo Adebambo 10 months ago
That's my teacher

Gabriel Ogunjobi 10 months ago
I was live in that class

Olaoluwa Olukoya 10 months ago
Charlie's Law

Anjolaoluwa Adedeji 10 months ago
I participated in it

Guest 10 months ago
This is nice. keep it up

Guest 10 months ago
It is not Charlie's law. It is Charle's law. That could have been autocorrector's typo error

Guest 9 months ago
I loved the experiment It was amazing I participated in it too

Oluwaferanmi Odueyingbo 9 months ago
wow! that's my teacher

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