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Teacher School State Subject TBP PETS SPH E-Wallet Experiment Videos
Biology Teachers
EDET UWEH METHODIST SENIOR SCIENCE COLLEGE Akwa-Ibom Biology 151.10 88.57% view ₦73,500
Temitope Oladimeji College of Education Demonstration Secondary School Ekiti Biology 28.29 11.43% view ₦78,000
Ochuba Joy Chidinma fortune college Lagos Biology 7.80 6.67% view ₦0
Chemistry Teachers
Nnadozie Christie iman international school Sokoto Chemistry 212.28 34.95% view ₦63,670
ADAMU ASKIRA GSS AUJARA Jigawa Chemistry 186.66 68.33% view ₦53,500
Lukman Popoola Yahaya Ahmed Model Schools Gombe Chemistry 153.81 68.77% view ₦80,220
Bitrus Gisum EYN JIMETA ACADEMY YOLA Adamawa Chemistry 151.29 65.87% view ₦11,000
Michael Segi Divine Wisdom International School, Benin City. Edo Chemistry 108.19 85.71% view ₦2,500
Physics Teacher
Ozoigbo Thaddaeus Community Secondary School, Ihembosi Anambra Physics 75.39 74.44% view ₦75,000
Paul Utuedor Standard Foundation College Lagos Physics 27.75 33.33% view ₦77,500
Amuda Sahadu OBAUJO Doregos Private Academy Lagos Physics 27.00 1.39% view ₦16,000
Ofili Odiaka IBUSAGIRlS GRAMMER SCHOOL Delta Physics 14.50 1.96% view ₦500
Clement Chidalu Mi-Glo Anambra Physics 0.00 0.00% view ₦0

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Student School State Subject Student Basic Point
Biology Students
SS1 Students
SS2 Students
SS3 Students
Chemistry Students
SS1 Students
SS2 Students
SS3 Students
Physics Students
SS1 Students
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SS3 Students

What to Expect

Teacher's Star Prizes

As a star price winner for each subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology each teacher would get 5 million naira, a brand new car and an all expense paid trip to Dubai.

Student's Star Prizes

The students with the highest SBP aggregate in the Academic Year for Physics, Chemistry & Biology would each gets the Star Prize of N500,000 and fun filled-all-expense-paid vacation to Dubai.

Best Teacher of the Month

Each month, three teachers with the highest TBPs would emerge, one per science subject of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each winner gets a Cash Prize of N50,000.

Star Prizes    Extra Salaries    Gift Vouchers    Oversea Vacations    Better Welfare    Employment    Science Modeling   

Science Teachers

The Science Teacher has a personalized Dashboard that allows him to connect with all his students during science practicals and lessons. Several parameters are used to quantify and measure the Teachers daily activities with the students. The teacher’s activities are measured by Teacher Basic Points (TBPs). Each month, three teachers with the highest TBPs would emerge, one per science subject of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each winner gets a Cash Prize of N50,000. All science teachers on this portal who perform one science experiment or the other are paid for it by Assppaa.

Weekly Game

The Weekly Science Game is designed to make the learning of science more fun. The Game of the week pops up on the Student’s Dashboard every Saturdays at specified times and the game lasts for just 10 minutes. The game usually tests the students knowledge of science apparatus and materials used in the laboratories. The Speed of the student in identifying the apparatus and answering questions relating to the apparatus is measured and scored.



Equipment & Apparatus, Chemicals & Reagents, Glassware & Plasticwares, Charts, Slides & Models, Surgical & Hollowares

Blog Posts

Experiment of the Week:Kinetic Theory of Gases and Gas Laws : Demonstration of Charle's Law By Simeon Okwo, Chemistry Teacher, Mayflower School Ikenne, Ogun State

This experiment demonstrates Charle's law which states that the volume of a fixed mass of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature provided pressure is kept constant. 
The balloon is seen inflating or deflating as the temperature is varied. Placing the bottle in ice lowers the temperature of air (a gas) in it. When balloon is placed on the bottle and the bottle is placed in warm water the temptemperature of the gas is increased. Since volume is d...
Thursday, Mar 08


Science Teachers' Game Television Commercial

The STG Television Commercial is a fantastic job done a professional Tv Producer. It is designed to specfications and can play in DTsv, NTA, AIT, Channels Tv, Wap Tv, TVC, Starttimes, STV

Tuesday, Mar 06


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