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Science Teachers Game powered by Assppaa-ISBORS ?

Assppaa is the acronyms for All Schools Science Practical and Projects Academy Awards while ISBORS is the acronyms for Independent School Based Online Reward System. The Assppaa-ISBORS is a robust, intelligent and innovative software specifically designed to connect, interact and interface with millions of science school teachers in both private and public secondary schools across Nigeria. This software seamlessly connects with the classroom science teachers irrespective of their locations, allows them to showcase their science experiments, engagements and activities with their students, measures the teachers and students skills and efforts through the Teachers Basic Points(TBPS) and Students Basic Points(SBPs) respectively, and rewards the teachers by making Payments Per Practicals(PPP). This software hosted @ www.assppaa.com is a private platform that aims to enhance the self esteem, promote the welfare and lifestyle of science teachers and students across all schools in Nigeria

The Nigeria education system is going down every day. Science education is key national development. Things have gone so bad. Science teachers in our secondary schools have long moved away from Real science experiments to what is being called “alternative to practical’’ or “theory of practical” We need to go back to basis. We need to encourage teachers to take the students to the school science laboratories and start performing experiments at least 3 times a week. We know that the teachers have peculiar challenges, but this platform is passionate about what activities and challenges the science teachers, face on daily basis in the course of impacting and receiving science knowledge. The main goal of Assppaa-ISBORS is to identify, encourage and reward passionate science teachers and highly inquisitive science students across all school levels in Nigeria.

Science is life. Science is Economy and Business. Science is Real. Science is Practical and Experimental. Science is Not Theory and Literature. Science is Everything. Assppaa-ISBORS aims to identify and reward the REAL scientists, the practical scientists and the passionate science teachers who nurture and drive the young inquisitive scientific minds across all schools.

The portal www.assppaa.com is Nigeria’s No 1 and first online science community dedicated to the promotion of the welfare and lifestyle of science teachers and students across all schools in Nigeria. This is a private initiative which collaborates with relevant local and international stakeholders, partners and service providers to project and re-position the science teachers and students to the desired and rewarding statuses that would enhance their general welfare and family lifestyles to the envy of other professionals.

This online portal is rich and innovative and provides integral interface and connection that allows the science teachers to key in and express their passionate practical efforts in the science laboratories where the students are expected to be adequately groomed in practical science knowledge. Basic and fundamental start-ups in any science discipline and profession, be it Medicine, Engineering, ICT, Teaching, etc, begin at the secondary school levels, hence the need to start at this point to harness the hidden and untapped potentials in both the science teachers and students. Series of motivational strategies have been researched and adopted to engage the science teachers and students, and several forms of rewards at different stages and categories are designed to ensure that hard working and passionate science teachers and students are recognized, celebrated and rewarded to the envy of other professions. It may surprise you to hear that science teachers on this portal are paid Extra Salaries each month. You may not believe it?. Well, that is the Magic!!

A few cooperate companies in Nigeria have wonderful products and services targeted at the science teachers and students but these products and services are marketed at different levels with divergent corporate goals. What the Assppaa-ISBORS portal has done, is to research these products and services and relate their direct effects to the daily activities of the science teachers and students. These companies are brought on board as Assppaa strategic partners and all their products and services would be promoted and traded nationwide on this platform and Assppaa e-commerce partner portal. The target audience is huge comprising millions of school managers, teachers, students, parents, the entire science community and the general public who are curious to see how science teachers can Earn Extra Monies, win Brand New Cars, huge Cash Prizes and luxury trips to Dubai.

The Assppaa-ISBORS project is divided into two segments. The first leg is structured and dedicated to science teachers and students in both private and public secondary schools across Nigeria, while the second segment is designed for undergraduates, lecturers, postgraduates and researchers across science faculties in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The first segment themed Secondary Schools Science Practical Academy Awards (SESSPAA) is ready and live on www.assppaa.com while the software for the second part is been developed and would be ready in as soon as possible. Science teachers and students are urged to come on board and participate in this self sustaining and rewarding first-of-its-kind initiative, which definitely would enhance their self esteem, celebrate their passion, improve their welfare and family lifestyles.

On the sidelines of the Science Teachers Game, as we recognize and celebrate science teachers and students, Assppaa would be recognizing and celebrating a very important but often neglected section of the Nigerian teaching profession. There is a tiny group of special teachers spread across the Nursery and Primary schools in the Nigerian school system. These teachers are challenged on daily basis to provide care, love and education to children with disabilities of all kinds. These teachers are never recognized. The only people that appreciate the tremendous work these teachers are doing are the parents to these children. Assppaa would be identifying, recognizing and celebrating teachers working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Impaired-hearing (I), Cerebral Palsy (C), themed ASDIC and other children with early educational and developmental challenges. Special Educators and Caregivers Academy Awards (SECAA0 is dedicated to identify, relate and celebrate those teachers who devote time, knowledge and Love to ensure that children with congenital disabilities are as well given early child education and eventually integrated into the larger society.

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Patrick Ejike Ochuba (MBA;Bsc.RFFn)
Teacher Reward Advocate
Founder/Promoter Science Teachers Game by Assppaa-ISBORS
Email: promoter@assppaa.com
Email; patochuba@gmail.com


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